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Vehicle Magnetics Overview

As an alternative to semi permanent vehicle graphics we can supply & apply your chosen design onto magnetic material to create a removable graphic for the STEEL panels of your vehicle. Nearly all designs can be adapted to fit magnetic signs, with the full range of colour and digitally printed vinyl. This is available to you as part of our standard vehicle graphics range.

Magnetic signs can be used effectively as temporary but high quality marketing messages for vehicles. Applied graphics may not always be appropriate if you hire vans, use fleet vehicles for different business's or simply want to change the message frequently, quickly & easily.

A Magnetic Sign Being Applied to A Vehicle

A few points to consider when making your enquiry are:

* The base material can be of any length (in theory) but 600mm high in one piece.
* The standard background is white but we can using the nearest available vinyl colour to match to the vehicle bodywork.
* Signs should be removed at least once a week for cleaning of both sign & bodywork.
* Heavy duty vehicle grade magnetic material is our preferred choice for long service life & durability.
* We recommend sizes to fit the flat panels areas of your vehicle not over deep ridges.
* Fixed size & colour solutions are available for those on a budget or if you're more adventurous we can polish the design to your brief or let our graphics dept work their magic if you require inspiration.
* We offer thinner grade material & lower performance vinyl for material for short term marketing applications.
* A care pack is supplied with every order detailing storage, cleaning & care of your new signs.
* Mail order is available for this product (Free shipping over £150.00 order value)

Window Graphics Overview

Window Manifestations Graphics & Logos On Glass

We design supply & install manifestations for retail, commercial or indeed any premises that has a large expanse of glass that requires a marking or signage solution. By effectively using your windows & areas of glass we can provide a vast number of themes & impressions for decoration, privacy or advertisement purposes. Careful use of frosted & etched films, coloured vinyl & digital images could dramatically change the way your business is presented to and viewed by the public.

Recent developments in our R & D dept now enable us to offer new technology that allows us to reproduce digitally created logos or images onto our specialist sand blast effect films to enhance your companies images. We will be pleased to offer advice and demonstrate samples of the options suitable for your particular environment.

One Way Vision Graphics are a new development visible from the outside, invisible from the inside. In essence it means you can have 'solid' looking graphics when looking from the outside inwards and enjoy uninterrupted clear vision when looking from the inside out. This innovative material can be used successfully where a graphic covers solid & glass areas to achieve an uninterrupted graphic.

We also supply solar control for heat reduction and insulation purposes, privacy films where light transmission is important but can be used for modesty or privacy purposes depending on the area to be covered.

Vehicle Graphics & Vehicle Signwriting Why Choose Us?

Can Your Previous Vehicle Graphics Provider Offer You This As Standard?

  • Talented vehicle graphics design specialists on hand to transform your vision into reality. (don't worry if you don't know where to start, we'll help)
  • Dedicated all weather climate controlled fitting bay for optimum fitting.
  • Extensive cleaning & bodywork preparation facilities including steam cleaning.
  • We specify quality vinyls to suit the shape of vehicle & the design layout (under specified , cheaper, products will fail in their early life due to their composition.)
  • Trained, experienced installers who perform thorough degreasing & remove contamination from your vehicle (even new ones) and carefully apply your new image in an optimised application environment.
  • An added bonus (over traditional signwriting) is that correctly specified materials can be removed when the vehicle is sold/passed on, helping to achieve maximum resale value when compared to the traditional task of respraying a vehicle to enable it to be sold.

Rigid Signs

We can fabricate a wide range of signs to cater for all industries:
  • From short term lightweight waterproof rigid 'posters'
  • To general purpose tradesman/developer boards
  • To long term powder coated folded aluminium panel signs.
  • Safety signs can be made to order as can mandatory warning signs for construction areas.
Given the vast array of substrates available use our sign checklist to enable us to specify the correct & most cost effective materials to offer.
Standard site board sizes
  • 600mm H X 810 MM
  • 915mm H x 1220mm W
  • 1220mm h x 2440mm W
  • Other sizes to special order
Special options available:
  • Reflective background
  • Mounting rails to allow for fixing of round posts
  • Powder coating to specfic RAL or BS colours (standard background colour white)
  • Custom shaping

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