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Q. I have a vehicle that needs signwriting where do i start
A. To help us determine your requirements we need some information from you.
  • Decide what wording you want on the vehicle
  • Download our vehicle signwriting checklist (shown below) fill in & return.
  • Browse our vehicle galleries for ideas on colour combinations
  • Book an appointment to discuss your requirements
  • We will then craft a design & arrange installation
Q. I really do not know where to start. I think i need a sign. But which one or which format, what materials? I am confused. Can you help me.
A. Yes. We can help you and don't worry as you are not alone, most of our clients feel exactly the same. We recommend that you:
  • Browse our website for ideas, the gallery sections are a good starting point
  • Have a read of our sign buyers checklist
  • Got a logo you'd like to use upload it here
  • Then contact us with you thoughts and we will help you move forward.
Please remember that a sign is an amazing tool. If done properly they will work for you 24/7. They are a very cost effective way to market your business. We have worked for many clients and we have many success stories for you. Read a few testimonials here

Q. I need to send you my graphics, what should i send you.
A. We can accept a wide range of digital media and formats. Please see our customer suppliedartwork section below.

Q. Do i need to clean my shop / vehicle / sign location before you arrive?
A. To help us we would ask that vehicles arrive clean and where we visit your premises you remove debris and any obstructions that might pose a health and safety risk to our staff in and around the installation area. We will arrive with all the necessary cleaning equipment and products to make sure your sign fits perfectly and remains fixed.

a. In order to give a realistic price for your project we must know about its intended use, viewing distance, service life required,eg short life interior use for an exhibition, long term exterior for van graphic. Please take a few minutes to work through our checklist & this will allow us analyse your requirements to arrive at the best solution for your needs


Artwork Formats We Accept When Working With Images & Fonts
Our Art Studio is able to accept artwork supplied on USB's for both Apple Macintosh and IBM PC systems. Below are the more popular programs and file formats we can access.

We also have a comprehensive rage of conversion software so if the format you prefer to use is not on this list, we may still be able to access your files. If this is the case please contact our Art Department.

Media type
Macintosh & PC(Windows)Email,CD/DVD,USB Storage Keys. Mac Users Please Format Your Work For The PC Before Saving. Other Methods Available Please Ask

Media type
Macintosh & PC(Windows)Corel 8,10, & X3 x4
Adobe Illustrator 10
Adobe Photoshop Version 10
Word Files For Text
Other Alternatives Depending On Output Required

Other File Formats
EPS A.I. Saved To Version 3 Certain PDF Files

Digital Printing : Images for digital printing must be (IBM) TIFF Files with no compression. Files need to be a minimum of 300 dpi,RGB format with 3mm bleed edge.

Screen/Etched/Anodised Printing :
Images need to be vectored graphics as shown below.Lines need to be a minimum of 0.5pt (0.1764mm) thick.

Logos :
need to be provided as vectored graphics for screen and digital printing,although we can accept Tiff format for Digital printing.

Vectored graphics

Working With FontsWhen supplying artwork we need a copy of all the fonts used in the file or alternatively all the fonts converting to Curves/Paths/Outlines.It is our company policy that All artwork including artwork supplied is sent back to the customer for approval,to ensure that the files have the correct fonts etc.

Some times we send colour printed artwork for approval,the colours are to show the colour splits of the print rather than an example of colour.

We will NOT manufacture any order without approved artwork.

Vehicle Graphics Checklist


Details We Require For Vehicle Graphics
Vehicle Spec
Model Year
Vehicle Colour .
Short/Medium/Long Wheel Base.Do
Doors Or Tailgate At Rear
Glased Or Solid Panels At Rear.
Side Loading Doors Passenger Side Or Twin Doors
What Information Do You Want On The Vehicle
Company Name
Tel No / Fax No
Mobile No (Which Is To Have Priority Mobile No Or Landline)
Logo ( Are You Supplying An Electronic File) Yes/No
Products Or Services
Memory Hook Or Tag Line
Professional Bodies/Logos Eg Corgi Registered/Napit
Is A Qr Code required To Direct People To Your Website Or Company Details
Preference or Graphics Colours To Use ( if No Preference Then Just Say None)
Preferred Fonts/Corporate Fonts
Any Other Message
Special Requirements/Instructions
Do You Want Us To Provide A Custom Design Yes/No
Or Would You Prefer
A Fixed Price Package Based On The Information You Have Supplied Yes/No
(1 Set Of Revisions To Supplied Layout 15mins Of Revision Time Included No Alteration To Size Of Text Or Graphics)
Any Questions Please call

Resources To Help You

Here's Some Downloadable Information Which Explains In More Detail About Our Goods Or Services Which We Hope You Will Find Useful.
We Welcome Any Feedback As To How We May Improve This Area For You.

Sending Us Your Electronic Logo Or Artwork

We've Eased The Pain In Getting Your Artwork To Us. Simply Email Your Files Up To 2GB In Size. Anything Bigger Please Contact Us For Advice

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