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Premium Etched & Engraved Plaques

These Superbly Finished Signs Will Do Justice To Any Commemorative Event

Engraving Services

We offer a number of premium signage solutions for more prestigious environments or to cater for the professional sector. The traditional solution has been engraved metal plaques with solid wood backings. We use a chemical engraving process which faithfully reproduces the majority of 'line art' logos and multiple colour fills/fades where required. Materials normally employed for this role are brushed or polished brass, marine grade stainless steel and pre aged bronze, each of which has its own unique feel and will cover the majority of applications. For larger plaques, v-carved stone composites (for text based signs) broaden the scope. For internal applications we specialise in hand polished laser engraved plaques. This process provides exceptional clarity & crispness especially in solid hardwoods and creates an air of quality. Please see our laser engraving section for further details. Please take a little time to view our gallery it will give food for thought, more than words ever can.

Premium Commemorative & Professionals Plaques In Stainless, Brass & Bronze

If You Need To Mark A Special Occasion Or Event There Is No Better Way To Achieve It Than By Commissioning One Of Our Etched Plaques. Available In A Choice Of Superb Materials. Please Consult Our Designers Who Will Help You Select The One That's Right For Your Circumstances. Each Indiviually Made With Care Unique For You.
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Incised Carved Wood
Incised Carved Wood


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