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Routing, Profile Cutting & Incised Carving

We have installed in-house flat bed routing facilities for sheet sizes up to 2.5m x 1.5m. Capable of profile cutting shaped & dimensional signage and v carving (old fashion incised carving) in to a wide range of traditional and modern materials. Common uses include flat cut lettering & profile cutting, shaped panels in materials up to 60mm thick, and stencils for property marking. Unique features of the router offer the capability to produce 3D carved & plunge routed signs in wood, stone composites or other desirable finishes. This creates a distinctive, eye catching result that has high perceived value but thanks to our expertise can be delivered at a realistic cost for even the most critical & discerning client applications. One of the obvious benefits of this service is that repetitive shapes can be cost effectively produced. This is instrumental in reducing the cost of parts that were previously individually made or hand processed. Talk to us if you feel your application could benefit with reduced production time, minimized waste of materials

  • Exterior V carved or plunge routed signs in solid hardwood/composite rial and minimal hand finishing We typically produce the following which might give you food for thought:
    • Stencils in pvc & metalstone materials
    • Profile cutting of most sheet materials up to 60mm thick depending on density
    • Almost any flat panel object when precision repetition is required
    • Thickness 1-60mm
    • Sub contracting to other industries

    3d Routing & Profile Cutting Demos

    Here's A Quick Video Demonstrating Our Dimensional Machining Capabilities Shown In In A Special Lightweight Foam.Materials Of This Type Can Be Processed Up To 50mm Thick

    Profile Cutting Of Rigid & Flexible Materials

    Profile Cutting & Creasing Of Rigid & Flexible Materials

    Need Repetitive Shapes Cut. Our Profile Cutting Service Is Available To Cut & Shape A Wide Range Of Materials Including Lightweight Foam Board, Cardboard & Card Which Is Ideal For Exhibition Use. Routing In Other Materials Including Foamed PVC ,Acrylic, MDF Etc. Fabric Cutting Difficult Materials Like Leather Can Also Be Accomplished.  Please Note That Minimum Heights Apply To Certain Materials & Fonts. Call For Advice First Please

    Profile Cutting & Inlays

    Heres An Example Of Routing Inlays Into Acrylic ( & Most Other Materials For That Matter). If You Have A Requirement Then Please Contact Us To See How We Can Help Your Next Project

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