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Preparation Is Key Especially For Vehicle Signwriting

Don't Skimp On Vehicle Bodywork Preparation.. Take A Close Look At The Picture

If your considering buying a second hand vehicle that has sign writing on then prepare for some extra work in not only removing the graphics but also removing the ghosting that occurs.  This is especially so on older vehicles where the original graphics have protected the vehicle paintwork.  Removing graphics can be attempted by the novice but is not for the faint hearted or impatient among you.  If a new sign writing package is being considered then professional removal is recommended.  We at Amersham signs have the specialist kit & chemicals to remove the old graphics & revitalise the paintwork prior to new graphics being fitted. It is vital that all glue residue is removed with the vinyl as this will otherwise act as a magnet for road film to cling to and this is one of the most time consuming and fiddly aspects of the preparation procedure . We also offer to hot water power wash the vehicle to ensure an optimum surface to ensure the new graphics ‘key’ properly to the surface. This essential pre treatment ensures that the signage applied performs  to your expectations and provides a good long term advertising investment. We will be pleased to assess your vehicle and advise the best course of action for your particular set of circumstances.


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