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How much is your image worth when it comes to vehicle branding?

Not all sign companies are created equal & unfortunately some have not the best interests of their clients at heart.

I was recently at a trade show specifically for trades people, carpenters, builders, electricians etc etc. After finishing looking at all the goodies on offer i made my way back to the car park. Vans of all shapes & sizes were in abundance, most of which had been sign written. What was disturbing was the amount of graphics that had failed (prematurely) on relative new vehicles. This is purely down to incorrect specification of materials and almost certainly the result of the van owner wanting a ‘cheap job’. Well cheap it may have been but having seen the state of some of these ‘creditable’ businesses im afraid if a nice van drew up to do work with appalling shoddy graphics it would not be unreasonable to suppose that reflects the quality of the tradespersons work. It would almost sew the seed of doubt in a prospect clients mind and discourage them from employing that tradesperson. At Amersham Signs we have considerable expertise in how materials perform and what offers the best value for a given operating environment. Indeed we can save you money by making subtle design changes that will not detract from the overall impact of a new graphics package. It is well worth taking time at the design stage to discuss your needs & expectations & let us select  the correct materials that will reap benefits of a smart, effective, vehicle graphics package that will stand the test of time and enhance the perception of your business to your clients.

Photos show premature failure of poorly specified materials. A few pounds saved initially can cost your business dearly farther down the line.     


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