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Whats Preferable Price Or Quality?

The Internet Has Its Benefits & Pitfalls

The recession has seen many people turn to the internet in search of the best deal for different goods & services. The good point is you can directly compare branded products from different suppliers to achieve the best deal. The water becomes muddy though when you are seeking specialist services and you cannot compare 'apples with apples' such is the case with signs & graphics.

In the case of vehicle graphics an internet supplier will not offer advice, assess your needs and offer the correct specification of materials for your particular project. Unless you seek the advice of a competent sign specialist you could fall foul of not only wasting money on the incorrect materials but also potential damage to your companies image.

Time and again we have been approached to rectify graphics failures where folk have sourced there signs from the internet or had a friend put there graphics on only to suffer premature failure within a short while.

This is expensive as you are effectively paying twice for a service that should have been done correctly the first time around. Its cost you money to remove the old graphics, clean & degrease the vehicle & re-apply fresh graphics + the added aggro of unnecessary time off the road and the resulting frustration. The old saying ' The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten' is true .

It therefore makes sense to seek the services of a competent sign specialist who will sit & discuss your needs, design an effective graphics package to suit your vehicle & specify the correct materials that will meet or exceed your requirements. The result should be pleasing effortless experience where you can be confident that you hard earned cash has been wisely invested into an effective moving message for your business.
Not convinced ?.....then take a bit of time to look at the views of other members of the business community and their views on our testimonials pages. We at Amersham Sign Design have been designing & fabricating signage since 1986 and have one goal, to give the client the best possible service and value ....Period!


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