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Vehicle Wraps & Graphics... To wrap or not too wrap that is the question!

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics... either way we've got it covered but which is right for you?

There are a number of reasons for & against vehicle wrapping. But before embarking on your quest to have your pride and joy totally covered with an image or colour its is worth noting a number of points especially if you are using the vehicle for business where you are reliant on keeping the vehicle available for use and image is important.

First the upsides

Generally speaking with the exception of colour changes (i.e. Police cars where an uniform white base is required in order to adorn it with reflective materials) you now have a myriad of finishes not available from the vehicle manufacturer including carbon fibre, mirror silver & gold, stealth matt black, colour change & more.

This means the vehicle can be tailored to your wishes (within reason) for individuality & will be unique.

A full wrap will protect the paintwork for the duration up until it needs to be removed ( i.e for resale).

This has a benefit of enhancing a vehicle resale value because of the as new appearance of the bodywork when compared to an unwrapped vehicle of the same age.

Now some of the downsides

To create you unique look means we as vehicle sign designers & installers cannot use anything other than premium materials where we are confident of their performance capabilities (i.e. Don't expect to receive a bargain basement estimate)

Digital print technologies vary as does specified materials so you won't be able to compare "apples for apples" if you contemplate shopping around.

Careful thought, preparation & a design specific to suit the shape of your vehicle will have to made so expect a initial design charge prior to any work progressing.

Factory paintwork is the ideal basis for graphics. Resprays or repaired panels will normally carry a paintwork failure disclaimer.

Rusty vehicles or those with body damage cannot be made to look good by covering them up! & as such we will always advise the customer that this is a waste of your hard earned cash.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, there are a host of other points both for and against the art or vehicle wrapping & graphics to consider especially for owners of business vehicles. If you are contemplating something a little bit special or unusual it would be best to book an initial appointment to discuss your needs with one of our designers , it could save you pounds in the long run & a lot of heartache.


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