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Keep Your Home Free From Unwanted Furry Visitors

Pest Prevention Ideas

If You Have Suffered Mice or Rodent Intrusion Into Your House It is Likely They Have Found There Way In By Way Of Gaps In Airbricks Or Holes Around Pipe Work. In Response To A Clients Problem We Have Designed Some Measures That Go Some Way Into Solving The Problem. For Pipe Work We Offer Different Size Clip Able Collars That Can Be Used Both Internally & Externally. These Are Easy to Fit & Offer a Snug Fit Around The Most Common Sizes of Pipe work. Air Bricks Are Also A Common Entry Point Especially So If Damaged. Again Our Solution Is A Narrow Gap Cover That Allows Airflow But Prevents Access To Most Small Intruders. Available In Heavy Duty Plastic Or Aluminium Composite They Can Easily Be Fitted Over Air Bricks & 3 Standard Sizes Are Available. Special Sizes Or Shapes Are To Special Order.  

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