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Keep Your Home Free From Unwanted Furry Visitors

If You Have Suffered Mice or Rodent Intrusion Into Your House It is Likely They Have Found There Way In By Way Of Gaps In Airbricks Or Holes Around Pipe Work. In Response To A Clients Problem We Have Designed Some Measures That Go Some Way Into Solving The Problem. For Pipe Work We Offer Different Size Clip Able Collars That Can Be Used Both Internally & Externally. These Are Easy to Fit & Offer a Snug Fit Around The Most Common Sizes of Pipe work. Air Bricks Are Also A Common Entry Point Especi...

February 19, 2020

Preparation Is Key Especially For Vehicle Signwriting

If your considering buying a second hand vehicle that has sign writing on then prepare for some extra work in not only removing the graphics but also removing the ghosting that occurs.  This is especially so on older vehicles where the original graphics have protected the vehicle paintwork.  Removing graphics can be attempted by the novice but is not for the faint hearted or impatient among you.  If a new sign writing package is being considered then professional removal is recomm...

January 6, 2020

How much is your image worth when it comes to vehicle branding?

I was recently at a trade show specifically for trades people, carpenters, builders, electricians etc etc. After finishing looking at all the goodies on offer i made my way back to the car park. Vans of all shapes & sizes were in abundance, most of which had been sign written. What was disturbing was the amount of graphics that had failed (prematurely) on relative new vehicles. This is purely down to incorrect specification of materials and almost certainly the result of the van owner wanting a ...

December 12, 2019

Responsive Web Design Packages To Drive Your Business Forward

After many client requests we have bowed to pressure and are now rolling out web design packages as part of our portfolio of business services. We will be offering responsive custom built built websites, taking care of the 'techy' stuff leaving you free to just supply the the words & pictures. If your business or services are not easily exposed to your customers this may be the ideal way to get things moving. If your interested in moving forward in the digital age make 2020  the time to d...

December 16, 2016

Whats Preferable Price Or Quality?

The recession has seen many people turn to the internet in search of the best deal for different goods & services. The good point is you can directly compare branded products from different suppliers to achieve the best deal. The water becomes muddy though when you are seeking specialist services and you cannot compare 'apples with apples' such is the case with signs & graphics. In the case of vehicle graphics an internet supplier will not offer advice, assess your needs and off...

September 12, 2016

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics... To wrap or not too wrap that is the question!

There are a number of reasons for & against vehicle wrapping. But before embarking on your quest to have your pride and joy totally covered with an image or colour its is worth noting a number of points especially if you are using the vehicle for business where you are reliant on keeping the vehicle available for use and image is important. First the upsides Generally speaking with the exception of colour changes (i.e. Police cars where an uniform white base is required in order ...

August 29, 2016

Phew! Summers Here

If you 're looking for a vehicle graphics package may we urge you to approach a trusted source that has experience in designing and specifying the correct grade of material for your project. Far too frequently we confronted with folks that bring there signwritten vehicles in for graphics rectification where the graphics have prematurely failed. Asking what can be done? Our answer is usually complete removal of the old graphics and refitting with properly prepared bodywork and the correct grade o...

August 2, 2016

There Are Some Things You Shouldn't Scrimp On...Vehicle Graphics Is One Of Them

A Well Designed Graphics Or Vehicle Signwriting Package Will Repay You Many Times Over In The Exposure & Improved Client Perception It Provides. It Is Now More Important Than Ever to Maximise Your Advertising Budget & Vehicle Graphics Represent One Of The Most Cost Effective Ways To Achieve This. Given That A Vehicle Can Be Seen By Up To 3000 People During The Course Of A Day , Doesn't It Make Sense To Spend A Little Time & Effort In Getting This Important Marketing Message Correc...

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